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Acupuncture Weight Loss – Does it Work?

There is no ‘ideal’ body type. Conventions of human beauty have shifted over time and have been dependent on a huge variety of factors. There can, however, be healthier lifestyles and more unhealthy lifestyles. Sometimes, all else being equal, one’s weight can indicate such a state of poor health. To be sure, it is this concern with health and well-being that currently dictates a number of our culturally maintained beauty standards. And just as there is no ideal body type, so too is there no ideal way of attaining a given body type, whether that attainment means putting on muscle or fat or losing weight. Texas, along with a number of other states, does have people who have suffered the flashy advertising of fast-food chains and the drawbacks of a sedentary lifestyle for longer than they’d like. Although it is not a ready-to-mind solution, acupuncture for weight loss in Houston, TX may be just the out of the box, status-quo-defying option for achieving your goals.

Now, just as fast-food and its drawbacks have flourished in our country, so too have countermeasures. Following a regimen of acupuncture for weight loss in Houston, TX will only augment and be augmented by other healthful lifestyle choices. However, unlike running, or dieting, perhaps acupuncture’s benefits aren’t as readily seen. And perhaps it’s for this reason that so few have reaped the therapy’s rewards up until now.

So What’s the Rub?

Well, actually—there isn’t any. Unlike massage therapies, or weight loss regimes that aim to ‘rub away’ excess fat, acupuncture both operates on and begins with a different mindset. First off, acupuncture is the therapeutic application of fine, short needles into a series of key pressure points on the skin for the purpose of relieving pain, stress, and activating otherwise dormant chemical bodily mechanisms. In fact, undergoing an acupuncture session achieves similar neuro-chemical effects as physical exercise, diet change or supplement, and sex. This is not, of course, to say that acupuncture will make you a better athlete, or that it will replace nutrients otherwise gained from food. Instead, just as serotonin and beta-endorphins are released after you run, so does acupuncture stimulate the release of these chemicals by stimulating tissue centres, thus inducing a relaxed, euphoric state. If you are considering acupuncture for weight loss in Houston, TX, then you should understand that acupuncture, unlike other weight loss procedures, does not in itself make you lost weight.

Instead, as any practitioner of acupuncture in Houston, TX will tell you, acupuncture leads to weight loss in as much as it readies both one’s body and one’s mental disposition towards actions that will in turn lead to the desired weight loss outcome. For example, there has often shown to be stress, anxiety, and resultant muscle tension prior to working out for people who are unaccustomed to the activity. Through its activation of serotonin production, acupuncture makes working out altogether more profitable for the body, not only in terms of preventing injury due to pre-existing tension, but also through the reduction in activity-related stress. After all, if the very idea of committing to something will cause you stress, then doing it is itself a challenge. Let acupuncture challenge you to challenge yourself!

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