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Acupuncture for Stroke Sequela

Stroke has a very high mortality and morbidity, survivors are left with varying degrees of movement disorders, cognitive disorders, speech disorders, swallowing complications. on ischemic stroke patients with hemiplegia clinical sequelae main. occurred in the 50 years of age, men slightly more than women.

For the treatment of stroke sequelae, modern medicine is mainly for controlling the patient’s blood pressure, diet, nutrition nerve really taking medication for the disease, taking medication to reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, limb rehabilitation. Patients are often left serious consequences. Resulting in permanent disability.

Acupuncture helps in the recovery from stroke. Researchers from Guangdong Chinese Medicine School concluded that acupuncture significantly improves patient motor functioning and overall quality of life. Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Second Affiliated Hospital researchers conducted an independent clinical trial and concluded that acupuncture is an effective treatment for functional hand impairment after a stroke. In another study, researchers from the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Chinese Medicine concluded that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of constipation due to a stroke.

Guangdong Chinese Medicine School researchers achieved a total effective rate of 90% using acupuncture with 46.67% of patients experiencing very significant motor improvements. Upper and lower limb motor functioning and the ability of patients to perform activities of daily living significantly improved. Brunnstrom Approach categorizations significantly improved for both upper and lower limb functioning. The Barthel Activities of Daily Living (ADL) index improved from a base average of 38.80 to 55.80.

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